Tuesday, 22 December 2015

E01: Day One in Singapore

On 9 December 2015 at 4:30 am:

We wake up on that day very excited to visit Singapore for the first time in life, our flight was 8:30 am. We headed to the airport and reached there around 6:00 am, we checked-in our luggage and then we had our breakfast in Old Town in KLIA2, by the time we finish our breakfast it was 8:00 am, and then we boarded the flight, 45 min later, we landed in Changi Singapore Airport.
Arriving at Singapore Changi Airport
My team and I decided not to use taxi throughout our journey in Singapore, because we wanted to feel and explore the city. Therefore, we decided that we are going to take the train. The information that was available on the signs board was crystal clear we took the MRT train to Dover which was 10 min walk away from the NUS UTown.

Dr Hamwira and I are checking the MRT stations :)

Train to NUS from Changi Airport

Then we reached the registration counter in front of Auditorium venue, they had prepared everything for us inside envelopes. Student Ambassador from NUS was assigned to each team. And we were lucky enough to meet our ambassador Qurisyah. She was so excited to meet us, I describe her in a few words she is committed, dedicated and passionate about she does. She was in simple words AMAZING. So she was our guide.

Arriving at University Town Registration Counter

me and the great ambassador Qurisyah

First thing, we were asked to put on the Contest Shirt. Then have our delicious lunch. The food experience was very delicious and Halal.  Later after that, the opening ceremony begun, we entered the hall and sat at the very back because we wanted to have a full view of the Hall. We were tired from traveling, so we slept in the Hall for like 10 min. 

Auditiorum Hall
The amazing team :)

Us sleeping after a long day
 We listened to Dr Steven Halim speech attentively, and his speech was concise and right to the point Amazing speech. After that, the speech was over, and it was photograph session, I ran to the stage because I wanted to take selfi with an amazing RCD Dr Steven.
Our lovely team
Selfi with Dr Steven
After that we took a few picture and then headed to the practice session. It was in NUS school of computing. Our ambassador escorted us to the bus and then to NUS school of computing. The seat arrangement was clear on the board. I was amazed by the level of organization that they had in organizing such big event, almost nothing went wrong at least for what we know. The participants were introduced to the contest environment and also what they can use and what they can’t. The instructions were clear and complete. 2 hours of warm up practice was over.
We are in the bus heading to school of computing

Contest Seating arrangement 

Practice or warm up session

Contest Environment PC

Then we took our luggage and boarded the bus to Shearas Hall for accommodation. We were handed the access key cards by Dr Steven Halim who also escorted us to our rooms, it was an amazing experience, the RCD himself is amazing guy, I describe him in a few words: dedicated, amazing person. 

Arriving at Sheares Hall

RCD is showing us our room. RCD is AMAZING :) 

Then it was the time for dinner, we went down the street and start looking for Halal food restaurant we found Al aman restaurant, we dined there and had an amazing dinner. Then we were tired enough, we headed back to Shearas Hall and took a shower and then slept.

the team is trying Dr. Hamwira food

Asyraf is thinking

Dr Hamwira Burger (Yummy!!) Delicious

E02: Day Two in Singapore

On 10 December 2015 at 7:30 am:

We wake up around 7:30 am in the morning, our ambassador was waiting for us in the Shearas lobby. We headed to the NUS school of computing and there we had our breakfast.
Our team is having fruit breakfast

Other contestant having breakfast 

Breakfast is finished :) 

After that, the contestants headed to the contest floor. At 9:00 am sharp the contest starts, the coaches view was amazing, the first 20 min everybody was rushing to solve a problem.
First 5 minutes of the contest

first 1 hour of the contest

After that, we had coaches’ session with other coaches and Dr Steven gave his input on some ACM ICPC matters. After that, they have prepared live youtube video for problems analysis.
Dr Steven speech to coaches

Coaches Room

After that, the contest was over, the contestant headed to the lunch hall and had their lunch.
Contest floor

Our team solving 2 problems

Our ambassador is trying out the mechanical keyboard

Us after we finish lunch after the contest

RCD is helping clearing the contest floor

Me carrying our mechanical keyboard with 2 balloons

Waiting for the bus to arrive after the contest

Weird Arduino Micro controllers were attached every where in NUS school of computing

Our ambassador then suggested that we take tour in NUS. She took us around campus: Cafeteria, wind tunnel in UTown. By the time, it was 5:30 pm where the ending ceremony starts. We headed to the auditorium, and the announcement of result were spectacular. 

We headed to the auditorium, and the announcement of result were spectacular. The Korean hold the championship title and tawian hold the first runner up. Just before the announcement of the winners, tawian team manages to solve the hardest problem in the contest Problem K, they did get accepted answer in the auditiorum hall. After that, we headed to the dinner, and it was amazing and delicious. After that full day, we headed to our rooms to sleep.

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